Widewater German Shepherds


Widewater German Shepherds
We are Widewater German Shepherds, a new kennel, not your typical one, not hundreds of acres with a big concrete city to place the dogs in, we keep our dog inside our house, as part of the family, socializing everyday, daily walks and runs, be in our family room watching tv, being brushed and spoiled everyday, a fully happy dog. 

I have visited several kennels, and talked to many more owners, I have to say, many have the passion for the breed, working hard to strive for the best GSD, health, temperament and correct conformation. On the other hand, some kennels have shy, timd dogs, clearly treated like animals with the only purpose of making money.

After extensive search and research we decided to start our breeding program by importing a female directly from Germany, with a great pedigree and bloodlines, beautiful black and red and fluent movment. 

This is our passion, a dream finally came true, many years of waiting and preparing is a reality.
Our priority is breed for puppies that are healthy and have the thrive and dispostion for work and play. We will breed our German Shepherd to produce puppies for sale that are good for sport and show and excellent with families.
For breeders of the German Shepherd Dog the Schutzhund title is both a test of good temperament and working ability, where tracking, obedience and protection work are demanded. 

We can assure you that you won't be disappointed, we will make sure that our dog will be bred with the best studs to obtain the best litters and maintain and be consistent with the quality of our GSD for sale.